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Developer: Oliver Wurm

Life is too nice to celebrate your birthday only once a year. AgeApp gives you a new reason to celebrate with your friends. Are you about to turn 10,000 days old? 250,000 hours? A billion seconds? AgeApp tells you exactly how old you really are and when your next super birthday is waiting for you. Just enter your real birthdate (if possible) at the start of the App.

You can also calculate other dates with AgeApp. You’ve been in a relationship for a year? Super! Soon you’ll have been dating for 33 million seconds. You’ve quit smoking 5 years ago? Cool! You’ll soon be a non-smoker for 50,000 hours. AgeApp helps you calculate whatever you want to the exact second! Just enter the time and date you started in order for the App to give you the exact time frame.

The most important AgeApp Functions:

• Find out your exact age: in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes – and seconds.
• With AgeApp you’ll never miss a “birthday” again. And neither will your friends!
• Share your Super Birthdays on Facebook – and tell everybody what there is to celebrate.

AgeApp can be downloaded and used for free!